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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dr. Dominic aka "D" Curry is a Washington, D.C. native. He grew up in the Southeastern region of D.C., along the Benning Heights District. Curry started a lifelong journey on personal improvement during the latter years of adolescence. There are several series of events that led Curry on this vigorous pursuit to improved living. He had a strong case of the "too much too soon" syndrome. 

a photo of speaker dominic curry in a suit and tie.

He has always been very outspoken, quick with the tongue, and an influencer amongst those in any environment. The only problem was, he would often be outspoken about the wrong things, quick to manipulate the wrong ideologies, and would influence EVERYONE, to do ALL the things they should not do. During one of the low points of life, he experienced what he calls a defining moment. At the tender age of sixteen, D. Curry had an experience that would change the course of his existence. He MADE A DECISION! He had reached the point of "Enough". One of his favorite quotes is " It's not about how many years you have in your life, it's about how much life you have in your years". Dominic often says "people may have been through a lot but that doesn't mean that they've been through enough" he believes "Once you've had enough, you will pursue change and won't ever look back". After all the chaos, mishaps and misfortunes he had experienced, he declared for himself; I have had ENOUGH!

Curry surrendered his life wholly to what he believed to be the true calling on his life at the age of sixteen. The calling was influence. By the time he had turned seventeen, many marveled at the sudden, drastic change which was evident in his life and thus began a purpose for which he had been anointed. He began to receive calls and invites to do public speaking for youth groups, young adult retreats, banquets, graduations, conferences, keynote address, moments of inspiration, radio shows, television appearances, men's conferences, women's conferences, weddings, funerals, baby dedications, event host, Master of Ceremonies, counseling sessions, motivational speaking and the list goes on. One of the highlights of Curry's career thus far was being able to share his story and words of encouragement alongside many industry greats whom graced the stage at a recent leadership convention held in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the conference speakers that Curry shared the stage with was long time mentor and industry legend, John C. Maxwell...all of this stemming from a moment of self-confrontation and internal motivation, that led to a decision, to follow a vision of a better version of self.

Today, D. Curry has been blessed to share life in holy matrimony with his bride for over a decade, Whitney Curry, Two amazing children Christian and Joshua. He has been recently named Senior Pastor of Word of Grace Worship Center Church in Waldorf, Maryland. Dominic finished up his undergraduate program at the Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012 where he received his degree in Counseling and Biblical Studies. He also received his doctorate degree in Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian University. Dominic released his long awaited and greatly anticipated freshman book called "Ignoring the Noise" in 2017. Dominic is also opening a practice for life coaching in Southern Maryland. He has committed his life to helping others reach a point of decision, and seeing a vision, of a better version of themselves.


  • John Maxwell Leadership Team Certification 

  • Maxwell Certified Trainer 

  • Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach

  • Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker

  • Maxwell Leadership Certified Teacher 

  • Maxwell Leadership DISC Behavioral Assignment Certified

  • National Speakers Association Certified Speaker

  • American Association of Christian Counselors - Certified Life Coach 2.0 

  • American Association of Christian Counselors Alcoholism Counseling Certification 

  • Harvard x / Harvard University Verified Certification of Achievement

    • Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking  

  • Catalyst Inc. Verified Certification of Achievement

    • Communication Skills for Bridging Divides 

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  •  American Association of Christian Counselors Presidential Member

  • Black Speakers Network Active Member

  • National Speakers Association Member

  • Global Speakers Federations

  • Logos Christian University

    • Associates of Biblical Studies

    • Bachelors of Christian Counseling 

  • Saint Thomas Christian University

    • Doctor of Divinity

  • National Association Board of Realtors

    • Licensed Salesperson 

  • Maryland License Life & Health Insurance Professional

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